Lv Iphone 7 Plus Case

Just imagine you bought an iPhone 7, when it comes for buying a case for your iPhone and you also come over a cover which costs almost 5000$ i.e almost like buying 7 iPhones. All color options will be available for the iPhone 7 Plus while only the fantastic croc leather and original Monogram cases will be produced available for the iPhone 7. To guage by the quantity of interest the cover has had since it appeared on the LV Spring runway show at Paris Fashion Week, there are quite a few prospective buyers waiting to purchase one. But if youre sense a bit more strong, Louis Vuitton iPhone 7 Case a.k.a Attention Trunk can hook you up with a $5,500 case protected in golden crocodile leather, with four hard sides and a latch onto it. Baroque Lifestyle presents an elite collection of news, trends, and important details from every compass point of the luxury world, and provides them for you. The low end of the number features the signature Louis Vuitton design (the original Monogram, Monogram Reverse and Monogram Eclipse), while the high class of the range has a fantastic crocodile leather end, which costs $5,050 for the iPhone 7 cover, and $5,500 for the iPhone 7 Plus. Thats luxury at its priciest; youre paying five times the price tag on the very best of the number iPhone for the top end LV case. And if youve just purchased the top of the number iPhone 7 Plus with a gold finish that is included with 256GB of memory, it could have cost you almost $1,000. The new range of cases, the Eye-Trunk collection, created by luxury designer brand Louis Vuitton for both iPhone 7 models start from $1,180 for the 7 and $1,250 for the 7 Plus to the top end version, which costs $5,500.

Want to show off your brand-new telephone? Native Union is well known for its design-led mobile accessories made from quality materials. The polycarbonate materials is totally see-through, although the ridged edges still give it a look of rigidity. With each new iPhone thats released comes a influx of new cases to overflow the market. Our only gripe is it suits on so snugly, we broke a few fingernails trying to get it off. This leather case gets the added protective reward of a front side cover for your display, which also has space to comfortably house several credit cards. Weve been using ours for a few weeks and it still appears as sparkly as when it arrived the box.

For good or for bad (probably for worse) our phones have become a nearly-permanent appendage, in our hands at all times, which is something Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquire considered when designing his spring/summer 2017 collection, shown today at the Place Vendme in Paris. ELLE participates in various internet affiliate marketing programs, which means ELLE gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. The case is available in fantastic crocodile leather for the iPhone 7 ($5000) and iPhone 7 Plus ($5500). Add to that the price tag on your gold crocodile leather Eye-Trunk case hot off the runway, and youre looking at having spent almost $6,500. We offer a multitude of services to support a processed and gorgeous lifestyle from real property services to coordinating commercial events and exclusive supper parties and know how to have a tendency to every detail so that your experience with us is perfectly memorable. The monogram reverse canvas models, which are available in different gray and brown tones with a Louis Vuitton monogram, are more favorable. No word yet about how much they’ll cost but I have a hunch these are going to sell fast. The envelopes are a tribute to the roots of the original house as a luggage manufacturer. As they say, one cant put a price on luxury, so when it comes to these magnificent cases, we have a tendency to agree. Et voila, Ghesquire demonstrated iPhone cases (for the 6, 6 plus, and ideally the 7 and 7 plus) on the runway, done in hardware that resembles the trunk-inspired “Petite Malle” luggage. More than a protecting cover, this new Nicolas Ghesquire statement establishes itself as the best fashionable accessory of the season. The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are worthy of a luxurious case, and Louis Vuittons iterations aren’t only beautiful, on craze and durable, theyre also the best (and most expensive) covers available. On the re-see following show, there is a crowd of people five-deep encircling the iPhone cases.


If you pick one up make sure you take utmost care of it, if you drop your mobile phone, you might scratch your case. Louis Vuitton case minimum price costs more than $1,100 and high price version can cost you over $5,000. But its regrettable to truly have a reason to buy a case more costly then the device itself. He is too passionate about technical stuff, and wants studying about tech stuff and authoring it to its users.

Apple will release its special 10th-anniversary iPhone this fall, and the device may come with the hefty price tag of more than $1,000. The 163-year-old fashion label released the Eye-Trunk series this week, with prices ranging from $1,180 to $5,500. Meanwhile, a patent submitted by Apple detailed face detection technology that uses camcorders to detect human being encounters within a environment, a feature that may be included in the company’s iPhone 8. If the crocodile leather case is a little out of your cost range, the designer has three other iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases designed for $1,250. Hearst Television participates in a variety of affiliate marketing programs, this means we may receives a commission commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. If youre not inclined to always bring a wallet around, this case has a slide-away compartment at the back that allows you to store two credit cards while only adding an additional couple of millimetres to the width of your phone.

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