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They look so amazing on and give a really nice vivid / sultry yet doe eyed look- 100% recommend. I would say that these are probably the most dramatic of the lashes I purchased, and definitely the longest and fullest. Edgy yet elegant, these lashes are as good as it gets – they definitely surpass their name, Iconic. But, I have a habit of finding something I love and using it in to the ground, and today I want to explore just a little deeper, and find some new marvelous treasures to try out with. I find that they look good on anyone, and present a nice amount of drama without being overpowering and uncomfortable. Lately I decided to venture into huge world lash brands, and find out what a step up from drugstore acquired to offer my entire life. They have a really beautiful mix of curled and slightly direct lash hairs that make it very natural. I also wanted to experiment just a little with a different top end brands for my wedding clients. It creates a global of difference when it actually suits! If there is enough, save the part you take off for layering on the external corners to add more flair and cattiness to your eyes. I mainly bought them because of the name, because I do so much use boudoir photography. On me, they needed trimming to fit my eye, of course this will change with different people. Significantly, if you feel as if you cant wear lashes, you might just need to trim the exterior (the longer side) to suit your vision. If you need an instance, I like that one because it suits 3 pairs, and has a area for lash glue and tweezers.

She’s about colour, because color breaks down barriers, opens up the mind to new opportunities and makes everything feel a bit brighter. Fashion and Makeup to her are just a little bit of fun, because life is already way too serious as it is.

They really captured my eyes as it’s not quite wall-to-wall lashes, I’m not after whatever looks a little too unreal, just something that will improve my already bountiful lashes. Second, the look of sheer anxiety as the glue holding them in provides through to you and leaves them hanging off in middle air. House of Lashes style ‘Iconic’ eyelashes are very popular, and we’re so excited to have them in stock for you to purchase! Daring and unforgettable – these show-stopping lashes include a V-shaped criss-cross design for a daring look. These lashes are such good quality, they last such a long time and also have a thick band so they’re really easy to use.

Our Ersatz Collection are hands assemble with the man made materials that is specifically layered to offer a light, natural, dimensional effect. They are currently priced at $12 for a single pair on the website. After a few minutes trying to fit the lashes to my eye, it was immeadiately apparent how beautiful these lashes are!. Whether you like a small boost to your natural lashes, a full-on fluttery strip, or something in between, HoL has it. I usually want to rip lashes off after about an hour, and I forgot I was wearing these!. Our Premium Ersatz Collection are hands assemble with the finest synthetic materials that is specifically layered to offer a light, natural, dimensional effect. Taking into consideration the high-quality product and good product packaging, I believe this is a great price for these lashes. They just go with my eye form and love how each goes out longer on the ends. I purchased these lashes in a 3-pack for $30, coming to $10 for each set of lashes. If your searching for a beautiful fluffy, sexy lash this is what you are interested in!! I always get back to this lashes after attempting others! If you aren’t into full lashes then this wouldn’t be considered a good choice. Bambie-lashesThey have reduced series at a slightly higher price (most lashes are $12), and I tried the Starlet and Iconic styles from that line. This was a good way to tote a three pairs of lashes (and it was just too darn pretty). Once applied, the lashes still attempted to keep direct instead of shaping to the curves of my eye. Our Premium Ersatz Collection are hand assemble with the finest synthetic fibres that is exactly layered to offer a light, natural, dimensional effect.

I think it just depends upon the size of your eye, the size of your face, and how dramatic you have a tendency to wear you make-up in the first place. They still look very dramatic, much more POW than the Featherette style, but I still felt assured enough to put them on out. Our favorite Iconic lashes have been miniaturized! Introducing the Iconic Mini! One of our most popular lashes has been scaled down by shortening the lash band and lash duration to make a more comfortable fit for those with smaller eye or for those seeking a far more natural impact from our Iconic lash. Our Iconic Mini’s are structured like the originals with the same dynamic v-formation and crisscross pattern that provides these lashes their flair that now feature shorter lashes for simplicity of daily wear.

One suggestion I discovered, from Nikkie Tutorials, is to cut the lashes in two and apply them piece by piece. I’ve just never really got to grips with them, it appears something always used to go wrong or look nearly right – maybe all I needed was practice? There’s a thought.

Best lashes to vamp up your lifestyle, I have multiple pairs just in case I lose them, they do bump my glasses however they look amazing. Our lashes are manufactured with the wearer in mind and have been made to flatter nearly every eye shape. Instead of choosing the most popular lashes, Iconic, I thought I’d go for something a bit less thick, and chose *Siren. I think there’s lots of factors behind this really – first, the ones I’ve tried before will always be so fiddly to apply.

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