Astro A50 Gen 3

To view all available choices AVADirect Custom Computers offers for you, follow the hyperlink below and discover your fit today. These three specs allow a person to hear better, speak clearer, and wear the headset with ultimate comfortability.

Its modular components could help keep the headset fresh for years, as long as Astro offers a healthy selection of Mod Kits. It’s one of a few headsets that I can actually wear all day, and its electric battery life makes it easy to take action. After using the headset on / off over the course of two times, it kept ticking with no sign of a minimal battery caution. If you care and attention enough about game sound to spend $300 on the headset, the Astro A50 is far and away your very best option. The new Astro A50 is a perfect example of “If it ain’t broke, just make it a bit better.” This premium wireless gaming headset retains the superbly comfy design and gratifying surround audio of its predecessor, while introducing the feature-rich Base Station plus some nice software tools for informal gamers, streamers and competitors. The app’s Stream Port tabs seems like a dream for broadcasters, as you can easily set a quantity balance between game sound, chat audio, your microphone and whatever other audio resources you have plugged in via the auxiliary slot. Punches and kicks had a good oomph to them, and I could listen to every breaking bone and tearing flesh of the game’s disturbing fatalities. Using a curvy headband and hearing mugs, industrial-looking components, and bright-green (Xbox One) or blue (PS4) features, the A50 discovers a middle floor between heavy-duty and sleek; between screamingly loud and stylishly delicate. The pleather ear canal mugs were very comfortable and are better for sound cancellation, however they weighed on me in a manner that the feathery plush ones didn’t. The Astro A50 retains the excellent audio and top-tier comfort that made prior models great while dealing with some of the largest quirks which used to carry the headset back. The most recent A50 is driven by Astro’s new Base Station, which really is a slick piece of plastic that doubles as a charging dock for your headset. I could obviously hear the satisfying “woosh” of each car and obstacle I sped by, and could find out the finer information on every street I drove on, whether I was race down pavement or destroying a little forest with my Lamborghini. Most of the other handles you will need (volume, power, EQ, surround audio) are within an easy-to-reach place behind the right ear, though I occasionally confused the energy change for the EQ one. Once plugged in, the Base Station shows the headset’s battery life and whether surround audio is activated. You can toggle among different noise-cancellation settings built for streaming, competing and playing at night, as well as flip among bright, airy and warm voice filters. The brand new Astro A50 is a perfect exemplory case of “If it ain’t broke, just make it a little bit better.” This superior wireless gaming headset retains the superbly cozy design and gratifying surround sound of its predecessor, while presenting the feature-rich Base Station and some neat software tools for casual gamers, streamers and competitors. Despite delivering wireless audio, the A50 previously required you to plug a cable into your controller to speak to your friends.

Next, our customers will love that this headset offers the benefit of being appropriate for PC, MAC, and the Sony PS4 and other gaming platforms. First off, this headset was made with the idea of creating a new product for eSport athletes. At AVADirect Custom Computers, we provide everyone with a huge selection of gaming headsets to suit everyones needs at the costs they would like to pay. PC Gamer says, There simply isnt another cellular headset on the market that does everything it can do.

Wireless chat is no longer a problem on Xbox One, and although the companion application could use some work, there are finally plenty of ways to personalize the headset’s sound if you’re ready to get your hands dirty. The headset is a little too ridiculous to be something I would wear in public areas (not that you can utilize it that way anyway), but I personally love the appearance.

I also value creating a clear electric battery readout that I can easily check, instead of simply waiting for the headset to bleep at me when its running low. It usually comes and goes into a second or sonot ruinous, but it could be annoying.

I have to stay within about 10-15 feet of the bottom place or Ill start getting signal degradation and cutout.

Finally, with a cost to arrive at $300, youre sure to really have the ultimate video gaming experience with all the current top features and specifications. With up to 15 hours of batter life, youll experience nothing at all short of the ultimate gaming experience. Start your gaming away right with a new headset to enhance your true experience to another level. Lastly, with a cost of $195.95, it is the cheapest of the three listed here, however, its top notch Turtle Beach Technology puts it on the list with both A50 and the Siberia 840. The Tournament Headset is designed with exterior noise cancelling to allow for perfect concentration despite what may be going on around you. Companies are actually adding Anti-Virus software to their routers to help you protect yourself from hackers.

Theres also a power switch and a Dolby button for hopping between stereo system and surround sound. I often found my mind getting sore after playing for more than an hour, usually at the top of my skull where the headband would press down. The 840 also provides the benefit of being truly a wireless interface to be even more useful. Astro recently delivered me a PS4 edition of the latest A50 to examine, and Ive been putting it through its paces for the last weeks. Lets take a look at our next option as we dive into the SteelSeries Siberia 840.

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